The Green Sweater Girl Talks in Front of the Class

October 12, 2016

Friday in the Green Sweater Girl’s first-grade class is Share Day, when a student gets to stand in front of the class and share one thing that makes him or her special. This week, it was the Green Sweater Girl’s turn to share something about herself.

“Mama, what should I share?” the Green Sweater Girl asked. She wanted it to be something special, that only she had.

“You can talk about your green sweater,” Mama suggested.

“Hm. Everyone already knows about my green sweater – I wear it every day.”

“What about one of your pets? Cookie, Snickers, or the Green Sweater Toad?”

“My toad! That’s a great idea, Mama!” The Green Sweater Toad was the pet toad she got over the summer when her cat, Cookie, caught it. They took it to the veterinarian to fix its broken leg and were told release it in the yard once it recovered. “That’s definitely a story no one else has!”

“Great idea, Green Sweater Girl!” Mama said.

When Friday arrived, the Green Sweater Girl had a speech memorized about her pet toad. But when she got in front of the class, she forgot what she was going to say. The class stared at her, and she felt more nervous than she ever had in her life. Her mind was blank.

She couldn’t remember her speech, but she thought of the Green Sweater Toad and how much she loved him. Instead of saying the speech she had memorized, she talked about her pet toad from the heart. To her surprise, everyone clapped when she finished.

“I can tell you really care about what you shared today,” Mr. Prescott, her teacher, said. “You got over your fear when you remembered how much you love your pet. And that’s what makes Share Day so special.”

Lesson: It’s okay to be nervous. It just means you care deeply about something.

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