The Green Sweater Girl Makes a New Friend

October 07, 2016

One of the Green Sweater Girl’s favorite things about the summer was story time at the library. One day in the middle of story time, a boy began to cry. His mom picked him up and took him out of the room, but the Green Sweater Girl couldn’t focus on the story after that. She wondered what made him cry so hard.

She decided to introduce herself after the story was over. “Hi,” she said to the boy. “I’m the Green Sweater Girl.”

The boy was silent, drawing something with crayons. She tried again. “Hi. What’s your name?”

“His name is Max,” his mom answered for him.

“Can’t he talk?” the Green Sweater Girl asked.

“Max is autistic,” she said. “He does things a little differently than other children.”
“I have a friend who’s autistic!” the Green Sweater Girl said. “His name is Aaron. But he can talk just like me.”

“Max can talk, he just doesn’t want to right now. He’s focusing on his drawing,” his mom said.

The Green Sweater Girl looked at the paper. It was a beautiful picture of a lion in a cave!

“Wow!” the Green Sweater Girl said. “I wish I could draw like that!”

“Max loves to draw, don’t you, honey?” his mom said. Max nodded, but kept drawing. Now he was making a giraffe.

“I guess some people are good at some things, and other people are good at others,” the Green Sweater Girl said.

“That’s right,” Max’s mom said as she smiled.

Lesson: Being different doesn’t mean being worse. OR Everybody has something they’re good at.

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