The Green Sweater Girl Goes School Shopping

October 03, 2016

The Green Sweater Girl got a school supply list from her first-grade teacher, Mr. Prescott. She needed a binder, glue sticks, pencils, and one thing the Green Sweater Girl was most excited about – a new backpack!

“Pick out your favorite one,” Mama said.

The Green Sweater Girl looked at the big wall of backpacks. There were so many to choose from! There were ones with princesses on them, ones with footballs, and – a green one with a frog on it!

“That one!” the Green Sweater Girl said, pointing to the frog backpack. Mama agreed, and the Green Sweater Girl pulled it off the hook. It was the last one. Just then, a boy came up and tried to take it from her.

“Hey, that’s the one I wanted!” the boy said.

“I got it first,” she said.

“You’re a girl,” he said. “Girls can’t have frog backpacks. This is a boy’s backpack.”

The Green Sweater Girl felt like she might cry. She didn’t want one of the pink princess backpacks. “But frogs are my favorite,” she said. “Mama, is that true? Do I have to pick a different one because I’m a girl?”

“You can pick whichever backpack makes you happiest,” Mama said.

“I guess you did get to it first,” the boy said. He picked a backpack with cupcakes on it instead. “If you get to have frogs, I get to have cupcakes! They are my favorite dessert,” he said. They laughed and walked away, each wearing a new backpack.

Lesson: Girls and boys are allowed to like the same things. OR Don’t let someone else change the way you feel about something.

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